Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kai Guy

It is a great feeling to get to sleep in when you are the mother of 3 young children. Kingston slept until nearly 10 am. Liam and Kai were playing and giggling and letting me sleep. It was definitely needed.

Last night Liam and I went to cheer on "our team" playing volleyball. We won't talk about final scores, but we had a lot of fun and Soli Deo Gloria (Rockport's team) did really well. Liam had the best time paying attention to the score and cheering when they scored. Kai, on the other hand, was a little bit disappointed to miss out. You see, I was planning to take him with us. As we were eating dinner, about 30 minutes before we had to leave, he fell asleep...literally at the table. I couldn't wake him up so we went without him. Imagine the disappointment of a 2 year old who had been talking about seeing Maggi play volleyball all day. He wakes up and missed the whole thing. He shed a few tears about missing that. So I guess that means we will have to make it to another game.

Anyway, while I have a minute, I will write a little something about the current middle child, Kai. He has a totally different personality than Liam. He is more wild, a lot less in to learning. He is a crazy dancer and could keep us entertained for hours with his dance moves. He and Liam are really in to superheroes right now, thanks to Kim and Don. Every time we read a story or watch a movie, Kai has to know which one is the bad guy and which one is the good guy. He is more of a daddy's boy. I guess I can't have them all to myself. I love to watch him and Liam play together for hours every day. Or listen to their off tune singing. At the moment, they're very loudly singing "Better is One Day." His favorite animal is a purple rhinoceros. And all his other favorite things usually change depending on what Liam says. He looks up to Liam and wants to be just like his big brother. I feel really blessed to be able to see their relationship develop and I can't wait to see when Kingston is finally able to really join in and not be a "nuisance" to them anymore.

I love my little Kai Guy with the crazy hair and the crazy personality to match.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


After not posting for over a week, (because like I said, we don't get out much) I am now posting my 2nd blog post of the night. If I was writing with the intention of having others read it, I would space it out more. But since I have literally 3 followers, (hey Don, Maggi, and Stef!) it doesn't matter how often or little I post. But as I get the chance, I thought I would type up my journal entries. It's really sad. I tried keeping a journal on the boys and only wrote 4 1/2 things. I started in July of 2011. This is why I felt like a blog would be easier. The reason one of my entries is only half is because the pen stopped working. And I'm disappointed because I don't remember how that story ended. I have lots of little stories that I wanted to remember about the boys and have forgotten so many of them. My first entry in my journal was on 07/07/2011.

"After a stressful day and coming home that night to a house with no electricity, I was very upset (and 22 weeks pregnant with baby boy #3.) Liam, almost 3, saw me crying and kept asking "why are you crying mommy?" and saying "please don't cry mommy." He gave me lots of hugs and kisses. He is a very sweet and compassionate boy and he better not change."

Well, it's been a year and a half and he hasn't changed. He is still my sweetie that loves to cuddle with me, kiss me, hug me, pick flowers for me, and tell me I'm pretty. We have started some homeschooling as we get the chance and he has caught on to reading really well over the past few months. He loves the sight words DVD that Grandmamie bought him. He looks for sight words in every book we read. He has also really been interested in adding numbers so we do a lot of that lately. If I seem to write about Liam a lot, it's just because he is at the age where he has a lot more to say. I have decided to try to keep up with this more as a "baby book" type style as well to try to remember what they were doing and at what age. So this post goes out to Liam, because even though he was my first baby, I never kept a baby book. But I always want to remember how smart, hilarious, kind, friendly, outgoing, and charming of a 4 year old he was.

And everywhere we go, he gets complimented on his hat.

We don't get out much

I know we must not get out much. The reason I say this is because we had a really fun day. I mean, we had to go to Lowes and we still had fun. How can I possibly be at that point in life where a trip to Lowes and a safety and emissions check is fun? But really, it did help that we got to go to Goodwill, Culvers, and the boys and I got to experience one of those obnoxious car carts at Shop n Save...for the last time ever. So even though we didn't do anything super special, we all got out of the house as a family and had a really great time. And the night ended with cute brothers sharing frozen custard :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

There's an App for that!

I never thought I would have a blog. It sounds like a good idea, a way to remember bits and pieces of life's happenings. But it's time consuming for a wife and mother of 3 (with one due in 15 weeks!) But after Maggi started her blog, she was very pro-blog. After telling me "there's an app for that," everything sounded easier. Because I don't plan on writing huge blog posts for thousands of followers, I can just write my "bits and pieces" without worrying about my poor writing skills or the fact that I tend to go overboard when telling the details of a story.

I've tried keeping a journal with the funny or cute stories of being the mother of 3 crazy boys, but it always seems that I can't find a pen or I just don't remember to write it down by the time I get to my notebook. With an app, I'm hoping that I can type up a quick post soon after it happens. We'll see how this goes. If it fails, oh well. If I can keep up with it, great! I have memories documented that I can look back on. 

What prompted me today, however, was my sweet little 4 year old, Liam. He seems to be getting sweeter as he gets older. He loves to snuggle with me and says the most random, hilarious things. I had just finished making the boys some really fancy quesadillas (microwaved cheese on a tortilla.) I set them in front of the boys in the dining room and went back to the kitchen to finish making my lunch. Liam ran into the kitchen, gave me a huge hug, and said "Thanks for making me lunch!" Totally adorable and random. And so sweet to think he appreciated me doing something that I do (most) every day. Then he ran back to his seat and started on his lunch, not before he yelled "Mommy, you're the prettiest maker!" "Maker" is his term for the person who makes the food. Something so simple can really make my day. It's exciting to see his personality developing. 

Anyway, this is a longer post than I plan to post in the future. I'll end it with a picture of Liam and his new friend, Annie. A doll that my mom made for me when I was younger. I told him he could hold on to it until Evangeline is here. Totally best friends, learning sight words together.


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